Saturday, July 5, 2008


If there's a time when you can't compete yourself, it's great when you can spend your time watching others race for their dreams! Lately Scott and I have spent lots of time watching the Olympic Trials... first, diving and gymnastics a few weeks ago; this week, it's been all about swimming.

Last night Dara Torres, a 41 year old mother, qualified for her FIFTH Olympic Team in swimming. She's been winning Olympic swimming medals since 1984 (before Michael Phelps was born!), and last night, she beat all the best young American swimmers and WON the 100 meter freestyle at the trials. Apparently they all call her 'mom'... Go Dara!!

As if the Olympic Trials aren't enough excitement, the Tour de France starts today! It's times like these that make TIVO worthwhile... the Tour is shown live every day for 3 weeks, which means here in Hawaii it is on from 2:30 AM. But the good news is that we can watch it when we get up, and fast-forward through all of the commercials. :) I've loved watching the Tour for years now, pre and post the Lance era. I think it's amazing to watch athletes push themselves beyond what they know is humanly possible... I just hope that this year it's a clean Tour. The last couple of years the Tour has been full of doping controversy, which is just so disappointing. It bugs me when athletes feel they have to win so bad that they'll cheat to do it.

Anyway, I always cheer for George Hincapie. I know he won't win the whole thing overall, but I think he's such a good representation of the sport. This is the 13th time he's ridden the Tour de France. George's wife just had another baby about 3 weeks ago. :)

My pick to win the whole tour is Alejandro Valverde from Spain. He's shown promise in previous tours by crashed out last year. Looks like he believes he's gonna win too b/c he sprinted to the stage win on day 1! He crushed everyone with a dominating attack at the final climb to the finish.

So it's an exciting athletic summer of athletic events... Three weeks of the Tour and then the Olympics start 8/08/08. It's a perfect summer to be a spectator!

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