Saturday, July 12, 2008


Scott and I never really got to go on our honeymoon to Kauai... I'll keep a long story short and just say that when you book a ticket on 'Go!' Airlines, you don't always get to Go... So we planned another trip for this weekend and are calling it our BabyMoon rather than honeymoon. Seems more appropriate since I'm clearly with child and apparently it's the new thing to go on a little trip during your second trimester with your husband before you're overwhelmed with your new life that includes an infant! This time we booked our tickets on Hawaiian and got here right on time as scheduled! :)

I actually came over on Thursday for work, which in a crazy and surprising twist of fate, turned out to be my last day of work (but that's another long story that I'm trying to forget about for now... will write another blog on that after my BabyMoon with my awesome husband is over...) Scott flew over yesterday after work (his company isn't downsizing so he gets to keep working... lucky for us!) and we have been hanging out together and relaxing all weekend so far and it's just been incredible. Totally what we both needed!

We get to stay in this amazing private rental house right near Anini Beach on Kauai's north shore. Pictures of our cute cute cute abode coming once I can download them... It's so quiet out here. Except for the birds. And the frogs. And the roosters. We love it. So much so that today when we were driving around we stopped at every house where we saw a 'For Sale' sign and picked up a flyer to check prices. Too bad everything we saw was in the $3 Million range. Apparently beach property on Kauai isn't any more affordable than beach property on Oahu. Funny how when you lose your job you start dreaming about all the possibilities ahead of you that you never would have considered before (like moving to rural north shore Kauai). Oops. Sorry. That's another blog.

Anyway, we hiked part of the Na Pali Coast trail today. Words don't describe how spectacular that is, so I'll just post the pictures (and video) when we get home. :) Now we're gonna go grab dinner at Postcards Cafe, which is supposed to be pretty good. Doubt it'll top our Blossoming Lotus dinner from last night though! There's every possibility that was the best meal I've ever had!! Maybe in my new jobless life I'll start a restaurant like that?


hatfields-in-hawaii said...

Ryan and I agree with wanting to move to rural north shore Kauai. Every time we visit there we want to sell our condo and just go for it :-) You never know, maybe we'll all end up there...with babies in tow :-) Enjoy your trip...can't wait to see photos!!

Moon Loh said...

hi Mama Simmons,

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