Thursday, July 24, 2008

Neighbor Baby

It's amazing how quickly the day can pass, even when you're not working and not training for anything! A friend last night reminded me that my real job right now is to grow a baby, but I've managed to find some other things that nicely fill my day. One of those things involves Hoku and a leash- I can easily spend an hour cruising around outside with her... The great part about being a regular dog walker in our condo complex is the opportunity to meet more of our neighbors.

Today Hoku and I met Erica, our neighbor in the building who is a new mom! We met her adorable 10 week old son, Nico, too. I knew Nico had been born (we hear him sometimes, although not as often as I would have thought! He's NOT collic a kid, thank goodness!), but was waiting until he was a little older before trying to introduce myself to them... figuring that the new mommy must be totally underwater trying to learn to deal with her new infant while not sleeping through the night, etc. Boy was I pleasantly surprised to see that Erica looked GREAT, and her baby seemed totally happy and well adjusted (he spent a significant amount of time cooing and smiling and making funny faces at us! It really does make you melt when you see that genuine toothless smile...) Erica and I chatted for quite some time; she gave me the scoop on the first 10 weeks of childrearing from her experience. She decided not to go back to work so she's found all sorts of things to do with her baby everyday- like joining the 'Stoller Striders' group every morning. I'm gonna have to look into that!

Today she was out and about testing her new BOB Revolution Baby Jogger- it's the one everyone says you need to get...

Cool because she let me try it out too (no, I didn't sit in it- just pushed it around a bit). I agree that it is indeed the coolest thing ever invented for moms. I am pretty much done with pregnant running now since it just doesn't feel so good anymore... I'm envisioning my comeback beginning around Thanksgiving... And this jogger is going to be my regular companion!!

Anyway, I'm just psyched that I have a neighbor who is so cool who is in the same position as I'll be with a new little one. We figured that our kids will be about 6 months apart in age- she said Nico will be happy to be 'older' than someone because right now he's the youngest of everyone he knows! ;) I can picture Erica and I becoming good friends... Now I'll have at least 2 local friends with newborns around the same time (Kelley of course being the first!)... YEA! I can picture us all running in tandem with our babies and our cool joggers... HA!

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