Sunday, July 6, 2008

Andrea's Hitched!

How times change... 2 years ago Andrea and I were swinging single gals playing together in Maui for the weekend... drinking mai tais while hanging out at the Hyatt pool in Ka'anapali all afternoon (going down the slide!). Good memories!

Now Andrea and I are both hitched, and if I were a betting woman I'd say she's going to be on the pregnancy path before my baby has his/her first birthday luau! ;)

Yesterday Scott and I got to attend our first wedding together as a married couple. We watched as Andrea and Jason exchanged vows out at a beach park near Hawaii Kai. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception... and the cake was *delicious*! I indulged in two pieces... one for me and one for my baby! ;) We wish them all the happiness that we have found in each other! (ahhhh)

It was neat for us to watch another couple go through what we did just a short while back... brought back lots of very good (recent!) memories for us too. I can't help but think about how much I am enjoying being married to Scott- and how lucky I am to have found a great man like him to share my life with.

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