Monday, July 7, 2008

Animal House

So the animal count in our condo is growing... Ellen's cat, Monti, moved in last night! We videotaped his initial exploration of the place, as well as his initial meeting with Hoku, but both videos turned out too dark to post online. :( So you'll have to use your imagination regarding the way Monti slinked around, checking the place out.

And the way Hoku BARKED like mad when she realized that a new cat had entered the house! We had Hoku out on the patio while Monti was exploring the house, but let her in so the two could meet face to face.

All in all the dog/cat meeting went pretty well, although Hoku did try to assert herself as the dominant animal with her aggressive bark. Amazingly, Monti didn't react at all. He just totally went submissive. Monti could hurt Hoku with his claws if he chose to do so (and maybe Hoku would learn a good lesson about getting too close to the cats if he did!) but I don't picture Monti doing anything like that. He's too mellow.

The good news is that since Monti lived here for 8 months last time Ellen went to Kuwait, Monti and Ally are already buddies (this picture was taken last time he lived here). I think the two cats actually have a little bond going on... one that will grow as they work together to avoid the big black monster that lurks downstairs. This morning they both snuck upstairs into the bedroom and are hanging out in relative safety together. :)

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