Thursday, July 24, 2008

Legally Simmons

So it's official! I've legally changed my name to Michelle Simmons! It's a longer and more challenging process than you'd think... waiting for your official marriage certificate to arrive in the mail, then applying for a new social security card... then getting a new driver's license (which for me, involved giving up my AZ driver's license that didn't expire until I was 65!)... Now that I have an ID that has my new name on it, I can change my credit card, bank, insurance, utilities, etc. Some of that has been done already, although I wonder how long it will take me to really recognize my own name? HA! What's really funny though is that one of these days my maiden name is going to be more unfamiliar than my new name, and my kids will be able to use it as a security code on their bank accounts and credit cards (I just had to verify my mom's maiden name to change my current credit card info)...

For me, the decision to change my name was easy. In fact, it wasn't really a decision at all- just something I always knew I would do. Especially since we have a child on the way... it feels like a more cohesive family unit to me when we all share the same name. And I like being linked that way to Scott. :)

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