Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby's First Race!

So we're starting the baby early on his/her racing career! Ha! Today was the first ocean swim race of the North Shore Summer Series... I've yet to miss one since I've lived here but wasn't sure what I was gonna do this summer since I'm pregnant and all. Didn't think I was actually gonna even attempt any of the swims since I hadn't been able to swim at all while I was traveling for work... then was all sick when I finally got home... BUT, I got back in the water about two weeks ago to swim/exercise and realized that I didn't feel too bad.. the first race is only a mile and about a week ago I decided that I could do it without harming myself or the little bean inside me!
Turns out it was a perfect day for an ocean swim! Water was clear and warm and totally calm. There was a record turnout of over 500 swimmers entered in today's race. I promised Scott I wouldn't race hard- just swim a moderate pace that felt comfortable. Goal was to not put the baby into oxygen debt!! I started off to the side some with my friend Ellen so we didn't risk getting kicked or anything in what can possibly be an ugly start. No issue at all with that though... I just swam behind Ellen and cruised through the mile, pleasantly surprised at how easy and awesome it all felt. Saw a bunch of fish along the way and all of a sudden it was over.
Scott was there waiting with a big smile at the finish which was really nice... then I saw some old swimmer friends who I haven't seen since last year's swim races so it was fun chatting with all of them. I can't even express how good it felt to be back out there in the mix of the athletic scene here. I do feel like I've missed out on some things while I've been preggo... but today I feel a little more like myself- having had the opportunity to participate in this fun event. :) On the way home Scott and I were looking into the future... thinking about next summer when we'll get to bring our 8 month old son/daughter to the beach to watch their mom race!

One other cool part is that I won a little tile award to put up in the baby's room... Commemorating baby's first race!
We've got some more pictures that are on Scott's camera and once I figure out how to download those onto this computer I'll post a few more... :)

Ok- here are a few of the other pictures... first, me with my friend Ellen before the start of the swim (notice I'm wearing my most slimming black suit! :)

Here are all the girls lined up for the start... Ellen and I are closest to the beach- we swam most of the way on the inside and I think it was a good line.

I'm out of the water in the red cap... (Walking instead of running up the beach since I'm not racing!)

Mom and dad congratulate baby on completing its first race!

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