Monday, June 23, 2008

He's Home!

Well now it feels a little more like back to life as 'normal' in the Simmons household. Not that we really know what 'normal' is... much of the time since we've been married we've both been traveling or sick so we haven't had much time to just chill out and live together without some other big thing going on. But it appears we're finally going to have just a regular week! :)

Scott had a great time surfing in Mexico with his cousin and some other buddies. They went pretty far down the Baja coast (150 miles on dirt road to get to the little surf spot). Isn't my husband hot when he's surfing? He said the water was pretty cold, but great weather, great friends, and fun surf all week. I can just picture our very young child out in the water with his/her dad being led to stand on a surfboard...

So as much fun as it is to travel and explore new places, it makes you realize that there's no place like home! Hoku especially enjoyed her dad's return. One of her hobbies is playing soccer (like father, like dog) and as much as I tried to satisfy her desire to play this past week, I'm not quite the soccer player that Scott is... so the two had a good time kicking the ball around together. Hoku will chase the ball after Scott kicks it and bring it back by dribbling it with her feet and her nose. It's pretty impressive. All the neighbors think we have the coolest dog when they see us playing. ;) The only thing about Hoku is that she doesn't have a huge amount of endurance, so it's pretty easy to wear her out. When she's done playing she lets us know.
All done. Let's go take a nap.

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