Sunday, June 22, 2008

Is That a Baby in There?

Or have I just been eating too much ice cream?

Well, if too much ice cream can create an extra little heartbeat and legs strong enough to kick my uterus, then maybe it is the ice cream... ;)

This morning I met a couple of my old training buddies down at the beach and we went for an ocean swim... it was a beautiful morning and the water was quite clear... perfect temperature too! It was really nice to be out there swimming and just moving around and getting some exercise. Being with my old training buddies again feels good too. For the first several months of my pregnancy I really avoided my old training partners b/c I really just felt like I shouldn't be 'training' so therefore I shouldn't participate in workouts with them. I'm getting over that some now and the socializing has made my head much more clear.

The thing I've realized about working out when you're pregnant is that your baby needs more food than you do! Usually I can get through an hour workout without refueling. Shoot, even 2 hours if I know I'm gonna eat immediately after. But the little bean inside of me (actually, the mommy-to-be websites say it's about as big as a large banana now!) sucks all the sugar right out of my bloodstream when I start exercising. I feel myself going into sugar lows within about 45 minutes if I don't have something to eat. No big deal once that's figured out. Today after swimming I ate a snickers bar and drank guava juice. ;) I keep telling myself that the snickers was the baby's idea. Ha!

After I was done working out this morning I hung out in Kapiolani Park just to stretch and breathe... My head is typically much more clear when I'm exercising and I had some good thoughts this morning... about pregnancy and how I'm already half done with it at 20 weeks... and about how people say to take time to enjoy it because it all goes by so fast. It doesn't feel like it's going by so fast right now, and there are times that I wish I was physically able to do other things. But then I remembered other times when I thought time was crawling when really it wasn't (like during the marathon run of an Ironman race...) Before you know it, it's all over... And the bad parts that you didn't like are the easiest to forget because you have that finisher's medal and all the pride of knowing that you completed the task at hand... Only with this journey that I'm going through now, I'll have a real living breathing being to show for my efforts rather than just a finisher's medal. And that little being is going to be part Scott and part me... How cool is that? I can't think of another person on the planet who I'd rather share this with than Scott. Our baby is going to have a great life- hanging out with us at the beach and parks like this!

And speaking of Scott, his plane is landing in about an hour! He's been on a surf trip with his buddies for the last 10 days and I've missed him a lot! I'm glad he got to go though b/c after the baby is born, 10 day surf trips to Mexico aren't gonna happen quite so often... at least not for a while! So it's time to go get my husband.... YEA!

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