Saturday, June 28, 2008

Poor Ally!

My poor cat! Not sure the details on what happened to her... guessing she fell off the 2nd story balcony a few days ago? I found her outside on Wednesday evening and then yesterday when I was brushing her she yelped a lot like she was in pain... pulled up some of her fur and found this big puncture wound in her back! OUCH! I could tell she hadn't been feeling well because she just seemed so much less active and grumpier than usual. Anyway, I took her to the vet last night... what a trooper she has been through all this. The vet cleaned out her wound and put her on anti-biotics... now Scott and I (daily) have to clean her wound and make her swallow her pills. She lets us do it but makes it clear that she's uncomfortable. The vet said she needed to wear this big collar so she didn't try to clean the wound herself... poor thing was just scared to death trying to walk with that collar on last night! She would only creep backward very slowly but then she'd bump into things because she couldn't see where she was going... I couldn't put her through the pain and humiliation of wearing that thing so I took it off her last night. She seems to be doing ok but clearly she's in some pain! Hopefully it'll heal fast without infection issues!

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