Thursday, June 26, 2008

I popped!

I have been told by other women who have previously been pregnant that one day I would just 'pop' and all of a sudden look pregnant. It happened yesterday. I swear I got up in the morning and thought, "Wow... I look bigger!". That was then confirmed by Scott. It was also confirmed by my boss who was out here working with me this week. And then I was working in an account/office that I call on and one of the nurses put her hand on my belly and asked, "Are you hapai?" I assumed 'hapai' meant pregnant so I smiled and said yes (which then sparked a whole conversation about her child-bearing years...). Anyway, the point of all this is that I now officially look pregnant. It's probably about time since I'm 21 weeks into it now.

I can feel the baby kick a lot more often now too. In the beginning when I first felt it move, it was just like a little non-descript flutter that felt foreign. Now it's much more specific. Sometimes it's obvious that it's a kick because it feels like a little jab that comes from a narrow body part, like a foot. Other times it's like the baby is rolling around in there because there's a lot of movement but no specfic jab. Either way, it's actually pretty cool and I like feeling it move. It's sort of a reality check that there's actually a real living being inside me.

Tomorrow we're going for another ultrasound at the Dr's office. We're not planning on finding out if it's a boy or a girl in there, which may be a little harder to pull off now because at this point we'd be able to see (if we wanted to know) what the gender of our child is. I'm wondering if it's possible that we just might accidentally see when we're looking at the ultrasound? Last time I had one was 6 weeks ago and the baby was moving all around the whole time. It was pretty cool watching it swing it's arms and roll around in its little space... so I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

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