Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where's the Beef?

So my doctor called yesterday... left me a message about wanting to talk with me about my blood test results from last week. I took a routine blood test last week to make sure I wasn't developing gestational diabetes.

There's no way I was developing gestational diabetes. No way. The treatment (if you get it) is to adjust your eating and exercise habits more toward healthy. But I already exercise about an hour a day, which is probably pushing it as far as 3rd trimester pregnancy goes. And I already eat as well as I possibly can (I'd challenge just about anyone if they think they eat more fruits and veggies than me)... so what could I possibly change if I have blood sugar that's out of whack?? I can't have gestational diabetes. No way.

I call the doctor back. It's not diabetes. It's anemia. Oh, that totally makes sense. I've been anemic most of my life. And anemia is pretty common toward the end of pregnancy. Partly because my blood volume is increased over what it normally would be, so therefore the amount of red blood cells appears to be lower. Also because the baby is gonna take what it needs before I get what I need, so maybe it's got all my iron? Could also be that I haven't been eating much meat lately- mostly b/c I'm too lazy to cook it. Anyway, the doctor recommended iron supplements, which I've taken in the past and they've never worked, but I'll start taking them again since she told me to. And I sent an email to Scott letting him know what doc said.

Scott came home from work yesterday with a pound of ground beef and announced that we were having burgers for dinner. I cooked them in the iron skillet. Problem solved? Probably not quite yet, but we'll keep working on it!


hatfields-in-hawaii said...

If you need any help or can ask the RD! HAHAHA!!

hatfields-in-hawaii said...

It was great having lunch with you too! Hey, what was that blog you were saying you liked looking at? Seeing that now I have a TON of time on my hands :-)