Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dear Bikes,

Dear Bikes,
I know it's another Saturday morning and you are stuck inside doing nothing. I'm sorry these last 7 months have been so boring for you. I know that you have been sitting there patiently, only to collect dust while the spider webs form and the air slowly deflated out of your tires. Please don't be mad at me. There's a good reason why we're taking this break.

I hope the bath you all got yesterday was somewhat uplifting and encouraging. I just want to promise that you will have more opportunities to go out and play soon... Just a couple more months and we'll be out on the roads again together... reforming our old bond...




Clare said...

my bike shares your bike's pain. i got all new components in march. i got pregnant in march. it's been ridden (up until last week) but never to its true sad. next summer...i can find a babysitter for 3 hours, right????

The Chapples said...

I haven't ridden my bike since last September! I can't believe it. You'll be back in the saddle before you know it.