Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Animal House Update, According to Monti

Dear Mom, (Ellen in Kuwait)
How's it going over there in the war zone? I hear you have to go outside to go to the bathroom... Welcome to my world.

So far things are going pretty well in this new house I'm staying at while you're gone. There's another cat who isn't really all that friendly. I try to play with her sometimes but she hisses a lot. Not sure that she enjoys playing like I do, but maybe she'll come around. I'm working on her. I mean, she's ok. We share the litter boxes and our food just fine but she doesn't seem to like it when I try to curl up next to her to take a nap. She always hisses and runs away. Go figure.

There's a big black dog too. At first I was afraid because she barked at me a lot. Really loudly. I couldn't even move in this house without the dog being alerted to my position. Being stalked wasn't a lot of fun. But lately I've turned the tables on her. I figured out that her bark may be loud but she doesn't bite. So since the other cat won't play with me, I've started playing this little game with the dog. I run, she chases. Then I'll stop suddenly and roll over onto my back so I can swat her in the face when she gets close. Ha! So much fun.
I also make sure that the dog doesn't sleep too much. I wait until she's in a deep sleep (she snores so it's easy to tell) and then I walk right by her and meow as seductively as I can. No matter what doggie is dreaming about, she'll get up and follow me around. I kind of like having a shadow all the time.
I've had some good adventures exploring every inch of this house. It's cool I guess. I like jumping up onto the roof outside from the back patio.

For my next adventure I'm going to figure out a way to sneak out the front door. I see the Woman Who Swallowed a Basketball and the guy who pets me all the time go out that door everyday. And doggie goes too... and she always seems so excited about it when she gets to go. There must be something awesome out there. I've tried a couple times already to sneak out, but the Woman Who Swallowed a Basketball always stops me. One of these days I'll go for the Great Escape so I can explore the Land Beyond the Front Door.

Anyway, mom, stay safe out there in Kuwait and don't worry about me. I'm doing fine. When are you coming home?

Love, Monti

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Ellen said...

dear monti,
thank you so much for the update...i am happy to learn that you are coping with your foster mother aka woman who swallowed the basketball and your foster cat and dog...i was concerned about you at first as i learned you weren't eating and heaven forbid lose some of that fat you have stored away. but it appears you are doing extremely well and i am grateful to hear that and i am happy that you are happy. please remind your foster family, that you are thankful of their hospitality, and love them, but when the day comes, you are going to have to leave them--sad but true! and NO you can't stay!!!
love, ellen in kuwait