Friday, August 1, 2008

On the Juice

So I'm back on The Juice! (But not the same Juice the Russian Runner is on... or the Chinese swimmer... or any number of riders in the Tour de France... apparently those sad athletes desperate enough to drug their bodies and cheat to win don't even need Juice now- it comes in the form of a pill... ugh... but I digress.)

No, the Juice I'm talking about comes straight from my juicer! Last year for Christmas my mom bought me the Breville Juicer, which is awesome. Lately I've been craving carrot/ginger juice. It's a very simple recipe involving carrots and a slice of fresh ginger root*.
I make it a special occasion when I drink my carrot juice... :)
I have to give a special thanks to my step brother and sister (Brian and Jennifer!) for the gift cards to Williams Sonoma. In some of my free time this week I made it over to the mall to go on a very fun shopping spree in that store. Among other things, I purchased 2 Reidel wine glasses. There's something about drinking wine out of a really nice crystal glass... but alas, wine is not on the current approved list for this gal... so I substitute the carrot juice! Seems like a fair trade (for now anyway).

*Of note, when juicing carrots, don't plan on making a bunch and storing it in your fridge for later. Apparently, carrot juice ferments rather quickly, so when you take it out of your fridge the next day and shake it in its glass bottle, it'll explode all over your kitchen when you open the bottle. Not that I have direct experience with this or anything... ;)

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