Friday, August 15, 2008

Whales Can Swim

So yesterday I headed over to the pool for a noon swim with my friend Mike. Another good swimmer, Bruce, also happened to be there and he and Mike had started already by the time I arrived.

I hopped in the lane next to Bruce and began my usual pokey 1000m warm-up swim. I used to be able to keep up with Mike and Bruce (actually, I used to school them in the water but for purposes of this story let's just say that I could keep up). It was obvious how much faster than me they were swimming and it made me start to think. I did some of my thinking outloud once we were all stopped together at the wall...

Me: "I wonder why I'm so slow right now... is it just because I haven't pushed myself in 6 months, or is it actually due to the physical changes I'm going through... like is my big belly actually causing a lot of drag that slows me down? Or does the baby take up so much of my energy that I just don't have enough left to go fast?"

Bruce: "Oh, it's just that you've been swimming slow. When you swim slow all the time you just can't swim fast anymore. I mean, look at whales. They can swim fast..."

Me: (With my jaw dropped open, directed at the lifeguard who was also listening to our conversation) "Did he just say that? Did he actually just compare me to a whale?"

Kris the Lifeguard: (Saying what should be said to all pregnant women everyday) "Don't listen to him, Michelle. You look great."

We all had a good laugh as Bruce stuck his foot in his mouth. Then I proceeded to beat Bruce to the wall in all 5 of the 200's we did. And then all 5 of the 100's. I guess whales can swim.


hatfields-in-hawaii said...

That's hilarious! You gotta love the great comments people make :-) At least he realized it...and way to school him for the rest of the workout!!

Kate Parker said...

LOL. What an analogy! Love that you schooled them at the end, too.

The Chapples said...

Your swimming is impressive!

People and their comments :rolling eyes: