Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wanna Go Beach?

After seeing the hilarious video of Kelley's dog, Tila, not interested in going for a walk, I thought it would be fun to show an opposite reaction from Hoku. :)

Clearly, Hoku doesn't need much prodding and would gladly take herself to the beach if she could. In fact, Scott said that when she was a pup and he lived within walking distance to the beach, she would do just that.

This is a happy dog.

Too cool that the dog will clean garbage out of the ocean when given the chance. Good girl, Hoku!

My goal at the beach yesterday was to get in a deep water ocean run. 30 minutes. There happened to be a pretty good wind swell at Kailua Beach yesterday so it was a bit challenging to get beyond the waves to water deep enough to not touch. Scott got my challenge on video tape.

Eventually I made it past the waves (sans hat) and actually had some fun during my 30 minutes. It went by faster than pool running as ocean running in conditions like that is more comparable to trail running. And the whole time my husband and dog had a blast playing in the waves. At one point Scott came out to try running with me. He lasted about 10 seconds and then found it more fun to body surf the waves so that was the end of that. He probably had the right idea!

We got a beach belly shot. This is almost 30 weeks. I think it's pretty obvious how low I'm carrying. Baby boy? Hmmm?

What a difference 10 weeks makes. This is what I looked like at 20 weeks. And I thought I was so big and obviously pregnant. Ha.
10 more weeks to go!


Alicia Parr said...

Think you're big now? Oh you just wait. Bwa ha ha ha ha.

hatfields-in-hawaii said...

Don't think the whole water jogging thing will work for me :-
( Tried a little in the ocean this weekend and it's not my friend. BooHoo...I could sit on the beach and yell to you while you do it though :-) Cute post of Hoku!