Monday, August 4, 2008

Not a Bad Place for Lunch

Yesterday Scott and I thought we'd get out of the house for lunch. I packed a sandwich, some fruit, and drinks in a little cooler and off we went.

Scott insisted that I earn my lunch before consuming it (HA!)... He brought his surfboard, and I was equipped with my swim cap and goggles... and we went out to the Mokuleia Islands for lunch. If you look closely, you can see a bit of white sand on the far island to the left- that was our destination. It's not quite a mile to get out there.
We thought it would be a good day to go out there because winds were light so it should have been pretty calm water. Unfortunately it was choppier than I was hoping for, but my friends and I used to do this swim all the time and it wasn't as bad as we'd experienced before. Still, it's been a while since I've trained consistently in the ocean so the choppiness seemed worse to me... The pic below shows my left arm trying to come out of the water as I swam toward our destination. At least the water was really warm and clear!

Interesting point- my left arm got caught up in a man-o-war tentacle during my swim. This happens a lot out in these waters. Usually it hurts (A LOT!) right when it happens, then after a minute or so goes away. Then, for me, comes back as a major itchy rash about 12-24 hours later. Weird thing though yesterday- my whole arm got wrapped in the tentacle. I had to stop and swipe it off me. But hardly any pain. Just a little bit when it first happened. And today? No rash. I'm wondering if I've got some pregnant hormones that protect me from ocean creature stings? Who knows. Like I've said before, my pregnant body does all sorts of weird things. I guess some of 'em are good! Anyway...

The island was as crowded as I'd ever seen it (maybe b/c it was such a nice summer day?) Lots of kayakers and boaters hanging out there. I think I was the only pregnant woman who swam out there. ;) Here's a little video Scott took of the scenery for those of you who have never been there.

I saw this video and couldn't believe how BIG my belly looks! Actually, I can believe it. I carry it around all day and even try to sleep with it at night. And it has 3 more months to grow. Holy cow.

But baby needs to eat, so I consumed my sandwich like a good mom-to-be. Not a bad place to have lunch, don't ya think?


hatfields-in-hawaii said...

That looks like soooo much fun! I'm so jealous :-) We were in Lanikai (sitting on the beach) yesterday and thought how gorgeous the water looked...and noticed all the HUGE man-o-war! Yikes, maybe baby is helping protect you :-)

hatfields-in-hawaii said...

By the look so CUTE!

gini said...

you look great!.Granted Ohio wearther has it's perks but sand and beach and sun I am so but seriously cousin I am thrilled for you..married life and pregancy obviously suit you :)..Gini