Friday, August 22, 2008

My New Favorite Exercise

There's a reason why I'm a triathlete. It has to do with the fact that focusing on just one sport is too boring for me. I need variety.

Unfortunately for my quest for variety, my uterus decided a while back that running wasn't going to work for a while... oh, excuse me, it wasn't my uterus deciding that... it was my bladder... reports coming from the bladder say that it is being rudely overcrowded and cannot function to its usual capacity... regardless.
And if bladder says running is out of the question, then sitting on this machine for any amount of time was definitely OUT.

So what's a pregnant triathlete got left? The swim of course... Awesome that I still get to do one of the three, but honestly, swimming 6 days a week is getting old. I needed something else. And then finally, it came to me... water running!

Deep water running hadn't even crossed my mind as a form of pregnancy exercise. It's been a long time since I've been injured and unable to run, which is when most desperate athletes turn to the pool to get their run workout in. But I swear, what better way to get running in when you've got a massively enlarged uterus that's overcrowding your bladder? Duh.

Yesterday after I swam, I made my way to the deep end of the pool and gave running my best effort. 15 minutes. Not bad for starters. This morning I made it for 20. I don't feel like such a dork running by myself in the deep end because in the shallow end there are a bunch of old ladies who get together for their daily water exercise class. Seriously, I should just join them.
I'm sure I could go longer, but the boredom factor sets in so I'll need some more stimulation before going longer. I'm working on recruiting my almost-due-pregnant-friend-Kelley to meet me at the beach so we can water run and chat together... shoot, an hour on the phone with her goes by like the blink of an eye (is your baby room ready and who's your pediatrician and how often are your braxton hicks and how's your husband dealing with your meltdowns?) so we might as well be enjoying the ocean and getting a little muscle tone back while we chat, right? ;)

I swear, I think my quads are actually a little sore from my "run" this AM. Wow, that feels great.


Ellen said...

i love it! water running..I know you aren't peeing in the pool...hhhhmmm what about the ocean?!

The Chapples said...

Random question for you - how long have you lived in Hawaii? Looks like an amazing life there!!

I am going to have to break down and get in the pool this week. Running is just not happening anymore for me, sadly. I've got a big boy in there whose head is giving me a heck of a time. I wish I had your love for the water!

Kate Parker said...

great tip....wish i had thought of that 2 months ago! very smart!

Mama Simmons said...

To the Chapples... I moved to Hawaii (from Phoenix area) in a job transfer close to 4 years ago. My plan was just to come for 3 years and then get myself promoted again and move back to the mainland. But after about 2 years I had fallen in love with Hawaii, then even more in love with my husband (who grew up here), so now we're here for the long haul. I think it's an awesome place to live! :)