Saturday, August 9, 2008

North Shore Challenge

So I dragged baby along on a 2.3 mile ocean swim race this morning on the north shore. :) Beautiful day, clear water, current going with us on the point to point swim that started at Pipeline and ended at Waimea Bay... Awesome! During the winter, these beaches aren't at all swimmable (though Scott loves surfing them!)... but during summer, Waimea Bay looks like a lake and it's perfect for swimming.Right from the start I found a guy who was swimming a pace I felt comfortable with, and for the most part he took the line I thought was best (though at one point he started veering off toward Kauai... I had to make a decision to stay with his draft or swim the line I wanted alone... I chose the draft... which was fine b/c eventually a lifeguard on a jetski came and directed us back toward Oahu...) Anyway, we finished in 57 minutes which I thought was pretty darn good considering the load I was carrying. Good enough for 117th place overall out of 360 swimmers who showed up without a growing fetus in their uterus. Too bad there wasn't a pregnant women's division. I might have medaled. ;)

Anyway, ever since I've been parked on my couch watching NBC's Olympic coverage. Incredible. Wow. How did he do that? Oh my gosh! Wow. Scott and I have been amazed all day at those athletes! Michael Phelps is about to swim the finals of the 400IM... my mission all day has been to avoid hearing on the news if he has won or not (stay away from the news and headlines on the internet!! I really like watching for myself without knowing the end results first). And all day, baby has been more active than ever! *Constant* kicking and moving and rolling around in there... I think baby is telling me that he/she wants to come out and play too!! Not yet, little one. In fact, you're confined to your little uterine space for almost 3 more months so you will develop into a strong enough human so you can play with the rest of us later... :)


The Chapples said...

That's a great swim time! In both my Ironman races, my swim was so pitiful. I am always impressed by good swimmers!

Ellen said...

you rock michelle! man o man do i wish i were there with you!!