Wednesday, August 6, 2008

3rd Trimester

Here we go... Today I officially leave the blissful (?) 2nd Trimester and enter the uncomfortable (?) 3rd Trimester. I can't believe how fast time flies, although it actually seems like a lifetime ago that I found the extra little line on the EPT test.

I've been thinking a lot about how much my life has changed in the last 6 months. In fact, I think the only thing that hasn't changed is that I still live in the same condo. I was thinking of creating my Top Ten List of Changes Since I've Been Pregnant, but then as I started to brainstorm, it occured to me that some of the changes have to do with the fact that I'm not working right now. Given that, here's a list of the Top Ten Changes in 2008:

~10. Rather than dreaming about showing up to a triathlon naked, I have vivid dreams that I forgot to feed my baby. (Good news here is that I have heard this is actually impossible b/c babies let you know when they're hungry.)

~9. My subscription to Runner's World Magazine has been replaced by FitPregnancy (and I read it cover to cover every month). ~8. Saturdays don't include 6-7 hours of riding my bike and running. Now they include sleeping in, making french toast, and taking the dog to the beach (if she's lucky). ~7. I don't spend my days running around calling on Doctor's offices and scheduling appointments. Instead, my back is really tan from the daily swim sessions at noon (time to do this made possible by the Schering-Plough layoffs).

~6. I'm really learning to cook! Got a great new cookbook that is literally an Everything You Need to Know and it's given me confidence to experiment a little more with what I create each evening. I've now made my own salad dressing... I've even made Thai and Indian meals (extra time to do this made possible by the Schering-Plough layoffs).
~5. I check the scale each week to make sure I've gained a pound. UGH. Good news is that I've heard the average weight gain in the last trimester is about 10 lbs, which will set me up nicely to get back to pre-baby weight within a reasonable timeframe after the baby comes. :)
~4. My wardrobe is now limited to stretchy pants only (see #5).~3. I do research on products like car seats, baby joggers, and cribs. ~2. The highlight of every month is the doctor's appointment to check on the growth of the little human inside me.
~1. I'm married! What a wonderful blessing it has been to be married to Scott. He's the best. Without him, the rest of these things would be unimaginably scary.

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