Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Work It Wednesday

I keep waiting to wake up one day and feel like crap but hasn't happened yet. Solid swim this morning with Mark and Nalani. 1000w/u neg split 8:11/7:56. The warm up set we did could be repeated multiple times and called a solid speed session. We just went through 2x though today:

2x50's @:55 as 25 sprint/25 easy
2x50's @:50 sprint!
100 easy @2:00

Main set I sort of adopted based off the bike session we did yesterday. We did the 100's off 1:40 and the longer swims off 1:35 base. I used paddles for the whole set which turned it into a strength endurance set. All the swims were pretty much done at fastest sustainable pace, and we were able to sustain a pretty fast pace bc the send-offs gave plenty of rest- like at least 15" after every swim.

100 easy rest extra 30"
500 TT

I pretty much held 1:24's for all the 100's and then 1:27 down to 1:25 pace for the longer swims. 7:09 for the 500 which is ~1:26 pace. Pretty happy with that as it was a solid amount of work done at a pretty hard effort and I felt like a machine.

Led another group session at the Computrainer studio tonight. We did the same main set as I did on Sunday... 3x15min as alternating 4min @90% with 1min @105%. It's the 3rd time in the last 7 days I've done a set like that. I bumped my FTP up to 210 so my watts% were based off that tonight. Def carrying some fatigue b/c that felt pretty damn hard, but my HR was high and responsive, not depressed as I normally would expect when carrying a bunch of fatigue. So that was interesting.
Factoid of the night... I suck at picking out playlists for these ride sessions. Ben has a bunch of Spotify playlists to choose from but I don't really know what any of them are so I sort of choose randomly. The first one I picked was too mellow and Marcy was like Michelle you need to fix this... But then we ended up with a very angry one with some guy screaming DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE, which apparently Marcy preferred over the mellow music but I can't stand that angry screaming that tries to pass as 'music'... then we ended up with some weird random one. I spent my 3min breaks between 15min hard pieces at the computer trying to find something decent to listen to. Clearly I need to work on this going forward!
If you happen to be local and reading this and want to come to HTC and suffer with me for 2 hours on Sunday morning (7-9a) shoot me a message. We can make that happen.

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