Thursday, July 7, 2016

The 'Mama Special' Hip Hop...

I woke up this morning and was pretty grumpy. A sign I'm near the edge and ready for a recovery day or two... But then as is pretty standard, I went riding and after ~30min felt good. I was outside in the sun and unplugged from any data just riding as I felt... and I felt happy! It was windy but that was fine. It was so pretty I even felt compelled to stop and take a picture(!). Maybe all that indoor riding has helped me truly appreciate how great it is to ride outside. ;)
So I rode for 4 hours today and felt strong. Off the bike ran hill reps in my neighborhood... 6x1min up/6x1min down... But alternated those so it was 1' up, recover, 1' down, recover, repeat repeat repeat. The hill between my house and the pool is absolutely perfect for this session. I felt so spunky after this that I ended up totally embarrassing Moana when I went to pick her up from her day camp thing... They were playing some funky music for the kids so I started dancing my very own (Mama Special!) version of hip hop... Moana was grabbing my leg and begging me to stop but I couldn't help myself... They were playing great music and is there anything better than embarrassing your 7yo by attempting mom style hip hop in front of all her friends??? Ha! Don't worry she talked me into taking her to frozen yogurt on the way home so I have been forgiven.

I'll take a recovery day tomorrow. I promise. Easy swim only. It's super hard for me to 'rest' when I feel as good as I did today but I'm trying to not be an idiot. I reprimanded a couple of my athletes recently for going too hard on their easy days so I should probably listen to my own advice at some point!

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