Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sweating The Small Stuff

Definitely feeling a bit back on the grumpy side today. To be fair, it's almost certainly a PMS symptom... I think I managed the day ok but a whole lot of little things irritated me. This blog is usually pretty positive so today I'll keep it real and list out my irritations.

~I led a Computrainer session again this morning. For whatever reason, my trainer was the only one that wasn't picking up as part of the group session. I fiddled with it for a while but eventually just gave up and rode the whole session manually in ERG mode. Not really the end of the world but before it occurred to me to do that I started feeling quite pissy about the possibility that I wasn't going to get my ride in today!

~Main set was 8x4min 3% grade hill at strong effort shooting for 105-110%ftp. I started failing that after #5 and had to lower my watts. Ugh. No power this morning. That's pretty common right before my period starts- it happens most months so I'm trying to not stress about it. But still.

~Came home to work and was using a program that required Adobe Flash and it wouldn't run until I downloaded the latest version, but ugh I did that like 3x and had to restart my computer before it would work. Wasted at least 30min b/c Adobe feels the need to upgrade their product like all the time.

~I went to Costco which was the dumbest thing I could have done on a Sunday afternoon when I'm PMSing and lacking patience. Our Costco has been ranked busiest in the nation and honestly its simply a ridiculous endeavor to attempt shopping there. No parking. Can't maneuver your giant cart around everyone else's giant cart. Takes 7 trips to unload all the groceries into the house. But hey, dinner is going to be easy for the next few nights. #brightside

~I'm going to have to #unfollow a lot of people (and @nbcolympics) soon because it bugs the absolute crap out of me to see results from Olympic Trials posted online before I get to watch it! #NoSpoilers #FFS

All of this is small stuff and I try so hard most days to not sweat the small stuff. Today that was harder than most days.  Let's end with something positive, shall we? It was #NewBikeDay for someone in this house!

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