Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It's Fine.

One last ride in the CT studio today. 75min ride as 3x15min progression at 75%, 83%, 90%. Add in 15min w/u and c/d and there you go. Not a very exciting set but got the job done and I felt fine. Have to guess that my FTP is higher now b/c 90% doesn't feel as hard as it seems like maybe it should? Just felt strongish.
My plan was to run afterward but my hip does not feel right so I skipped it. I've actually been limping when I walk and that seems like a bad thing on a Tuesday when you've got an Ironman on a Saturday. I'm trying hard to not stress about it and instead spending my time rolling and doing mobility stuff and mostly just ignoring it and pretending all is fine. #itsfine #itsfine #itsfine

I just picked up a new local athlete who has a shit ton of talent and I'm stoked to be helping her. I met her at the pool this afternoon and we swam about 2500m. She can hang with me for a 50 and a 200 but not on a 1000. That's a simple fix. It's not easy, but it's simple, and she's motivated... so I'm wondering how long until I have to use paddles to hang with her? Proves to me once again that I'm not the most talented athlete but since I've been swimming consistently 10-15k/week year round for pretty much my whole life, I can beat athletes who are more talented but train less. I told my new gal flat out that the only reason I'm faster is b/c I swim more. So now she will swim more! It will be really fun to help her get faster. :)

I fly out tomorrow. Not sure how much I'll write while I'm on the mainland?

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