Friday, July 15, 2016


With the dead winds and high humidity the last few days, pool temps have gone way up. I remember this from last year and it sucks but it is what it is so our only option is to figure out how to deal with it. I brought a couple of bottles full of ice water and had them in a little cooler bag at the end of my lane and between sets would squirt myself down and stuff ice in my cap and down my suit, etc. It's not as nice as having cooler weather but it does prolong the time to overheating so it's better than nothing. It's amazing though how much slower I swim when the water is hot. Granted, my effort was low on my 1000 w/u, but still... it was like 8:25/8:21. Almost a full minute slower than 2 days ago when the water was only just starting to heat up. I do think with water temps like ours right now (I don't know exactly what the temp is but I'd guess like 85?) that I can completely cook myself with a long hard effort and I don't want to be cooked right now. My plan was to do 50's anyway, so that worked out well.

Main set 5 rounds:
2x50's @:55 as 25 sprint/25 easy
2x50's @:50 sprint
100 easy @2:00

They key to that set is full on MAX efforts on the sprints. There's not that many in a row before you get a break which means you can really go hard without draining yourself much. I didn't time those but I did feel like I was able to put in the right effort and that's what mattered. Long and very easy c/d 500m including some mix strokes and kicking. No other training today.

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