Friday, July 22, 2016


Yesterday was off, but today wasn't! Turned out to be quite a good day too!

Started as most Friday mornings do, with a swim. My plan was just 2k easy easy, but after warming up someone threw out the idea that we should do some relay races, and just like that everyone was on board... So we had a bit of fun with relay races today! There were 5 of us, so we made Mark swim twice... First race 3x100 I went first against Mark and he beat me of course but then Marcy and Kendra went and Kendra caught/passed Marcy... then Mark swam again but this time against Nalani (who had a lead) and he almost caught her but didn't. Close race! Next one we did was hysterical... same teams... Mark and Marcy against Nalani and Kendra and me... This time though we did it as a train so Nalani and Mark were swimming while Marcy and Kendra were literally hanging onto their feet... Marcy did the kicking on that team and I was the caboose of our team so I held onto Kendra's feet and kicked like mad (ok I did some one arm strokes too- no one said that was against the rules!). That race was super close but our team won and we laughed like mad! So funny! We raced one more time (same teams) 3x100 "Toys race" which turned out to be less fair b/c those who had fins had a pretty clear advantage! We evened it out though with some blocking (literally, Kendra and I tried to physically block Mark from touching the wall!) It almost worked but Mark is a master at getting his hand on the wall so they won that one. Too funny. So much for my easy swim session though! It wasn't a lot of hard swimming but the hard swimming was legit hard and required a full 600 easy to cool down.

After the swim I jogged super easy 55 min... No garmin on that but the effort was very relaxed and felt like HR was low for sure. I feel like I've gotten better at running truly easy in the last few months.

Later I went in to HTC and rode the Computrainer with Heidi. It was just the two of us today and it was great! Main set #1) 12x1min on just 30sec recovery spin... Main set #2) 7x2min on 1min recovery spin. With recoveries shorter than normal today I didn't expect power to be super high- was just thinking I'd go just above FTP on those and honestly I would have been happy with that... But turns out my legs were full of watts today and even with the short recoveries I was able to push good power and built my way through both sets. Last 1min piece was 295 and last 2min piece was 265 and neither of those felt like digging. I was seriously like OMG who's legs are these? But maybe that's just a result of the focused work I've been doing combined with the rest day yesterday. Either way, that was really great today- not just because of the numbers but more just how it felt.
Last thing then I went running again. My plan was to run on the treadmill but it was raining and I couldn't justify the treadmill since it wasn't hot! So I ran 2x loops that were 2.25 miles each... felt pretty good to start ran ~9:15 pace then 2nd loop stronger ~8:30 pace and finished feeling like YEP. ALL GOOD! This is the best part about Ironman training, really... The week before when you just feel like a million bucks... Strong and in control and with access to all your gears. I love this part.

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