Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Lectie showed up to swim this morning, which was probably good b/c Mark has been lacking some motivation lately. He hates to get beaten though so I knew having Lectie there would give him some extra pep! For me her presence meant shit I'm going to get my ass kicked today.

1000w/u felt like a pretty strong effort 15:42 as 7:58/7:44. Main set I did with paddles mostly so I could be in the same zip code as Mark and Lectie while they swam (it worked). No extra rest between rounds just straight through this 2200m set. We rarely had more than ~10-15" rest.

300 steady @4:40 (4:23)
8x50's fast @:50 (:38-40")
300 steady @4:40 (4:28)
6x50's fast @:50 (:38-40")
300 steady @4:40 (4:22)
4x50's fast @:50 (:38-40")
300 steady @4:40 (4:26)
2x50's fast @:50 (:38-39")

I was a bit of a zombie for parts of the day today. Mostly out of frustration with this PowerTap pedal situation. I did as much trouble shooting as I could and all to no avail. I did narrow it down though and figured out that left pedal works but right pedal does not. User manual says that if the right pedal battery dies that the left pedal will just double its number and display that so wondering if that's a reasonable option for me? At least temporarily? I need to take the battery out of that right one and try riding and see what happens...

Anyway, Computrainer session tonight with the group. After a warm up build, we did a fun main set that was full of different stuff.

10min as 2x (2min @105%/3min @80%)
4 min easy
5x2min at 102%/104%/106%/104%/102% on 1min easy
4 min easy
10 min as 2x (1min at 110%/4min @80%)

I'm not that creative and won't claim to have made this one up. Got it from Justin Daerr at Endurance Corner, though not sure if he's actually the one who made it up either? Regardless, it was the perfect kind of session to do with a group on Computrainers like this because everyone was working hard but at their own level. It was challenging but not killer. I think everyone really enjoyed it! I feel like I've really got the hang of how these group Computrainer sessions can run now. It's good.

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