Sunday, July 17, 2016


I feel like this weekend was really light on the training. 2 weeks out from an Ironman is tricky and I waffle back and forth all the time asking have I done enough? Am I doing too much? Should I back off? Should I do more? All the questions. I'm trying to shove them out of my mind and just be confident in the work I have done.

Yesterday I rode ~3 hours. I tried to use the data (power + HR) but the batteries died in my P1 pedals. I replaced them and it seemed like everything was fine (got the green lights, calibrated) but it was showing my power way way low... like climbing hills at 53watts kind of low. I calibrated 3x trying to get it to show more reasonable numbers but it never would so finally I just turned it off b/c seeing incorrect data drives me absolutely batty. 100% I would rather ride with no data b/c seeing numbers that don't make sense messes with my head for sure. I did have HR and HR seemed pretty low throughout the bulk of the ride (like 125-135 and only hitting 140+ if I was climbing). At one point coming home I was passed by a few friends of mine and I couldn't help myself- jumped on to their train and right away HR was mid 150's and even 160+ climbing a hill with them so I took that as a sign that I'm not overly tired, my HR is not depressed, I was just riding pretty easy and that's why my HR was low.

Afterward I did 10x30" quick strides. Felt like ass to start but then way better at the end, as is normal when I do those.

Today I rode again inside on the Computrainer at HTC. Had a full house again which was fun. We rode for 2 hours with a 63min main set that went 7/7/7 at 75%/85%/95% (x3) so no real 'rest' in there but it wasn't outrageously difficult either. For me those watts were like 160/180/200 and it was reasonable. Finished up with 2x7min "hills" at 4% grade using heavy gear low cadence... Mine was like 55-60rpm on those and I was pushing 180-185w not crazy hard just strongish.

Moana did her kids tri group thing while we rode inside... Afterward I told her she was going to get to ride some bonus miles with me while I ran! I just went for 30min and did a slight progression starting at 9:08 and finishing at 8:41. I'd say I felt pretty good but it got hot and I was thirsty and felt like I would have needed more food if I was going to go any longer.

My 'taper' plan is to do 2 strongish days followed by a very light/easy day, so tomorrow is easy swim only. Basically, my Ironman build was ~4 weeks of 20-23hours training... This past week was just under 19 hours, and this next week, if I do it as planned, is only ~14. That scares me to have a week that light but the objective me says that's about right so I'm going to try to convince myself to not do any panic training. #NoPanicTraining

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