Monday, June 27, 2016

Zoned Out

None of my friends showed up to swim this morning. All the older ladies who are regulars were like Are you going to be lonely today? Lol. Indeed. It wasn't as much lonely as it was simply zoned out. I warmed up 1000 easy then decided on a main set 10x300's pull @4:50 just steady all the way through, maybe slight descend but the goal wasn't to rip myself apart today. I didn't have enough energy to do that anyway.

I started at 4:35 and held that for the first few, then since apparently I can't count to 3 when I'm swimming alone I ended up doing a 400 instead of a 300, so I tried to make it right by just doing a 200 on the next rep trying to get myself back on track... Then I was holding 4:33ish for the middle few before I screwed it up again just doing a 200... so I fixed it again on the next one doing a 400 and finished up with the last 2x300's slight descend 4:31/4:27. I can't remember the last time I have miscounted on a swim set? I mean, I totally get how you could miscount when swimming in a short course pool, but long course it's harder to do! I mean, how hard is it to count to 3? In good news since I was watching my splits I figured it out each time when I screwed it up but still. Yikes. Turn your brain on, Michelle.

I'll share a little secret too- when I'm doing a long set like that I figure out beforehand how long it's going to take (usually a 3k set takes ~48-50min depending on send-offs) so when I start I just start the timer on my watch then I keep repeating until my watch says the final time... so I knew my set today was ~48min which allowed me to just do those swims without having to know if I was on #6 or #7... I almost always lose count that way but I know when I start the one off 43:xx that it's the last one... File that under #SwimmerTips. I don't fuss with a Garmin in the pool. Not ever. I just do math in my head and remember my splits and write them down in my Training Peaks account when I get home. Normally (when my brain is functioning) I quite like calculating splits in my head while I'm swimming.

Later I went riding and it was a similar kind of zoned out experience. I rode my road bike outside and it was nice to feel the wind in my face. My indoor rides have been very focused and quality so today I tried to balance that by just riding aerobic as I felt, no data, no structure, no pressure. Just saddle time. I felt terrible to start but then felt better and actually felt quite strong by the time I finished 3.5 hours later. Honestly when I was done I was surprised at how good I felt, but 1/2 hour later I was flat out on my bed thinking OMG how am I going to go be a parent right now?? As always though I bucked up and found a way.

Mark gave me a bunch of mangos off his tree. They were pretty ripe so they needed to be used ASAP. I made Moana happy by making a bunch of mango coconut ice cream! All I did was cut up a bunch of mango and put it in the blender with ~1/4 can of coconut milk. Blended that up then stuck it in the ice cream maker for ~20minutes. So good!

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