Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Swim + Double Ride

My swim notes copy/pasted directly from Training Peaks. Swam with Mark and Nalani this morning, both of whom kicked my ass. I don't think I was swimming poorly. They were just swimming fast!

1000 w/u neg split 8:04/7:43 (15:47)
500 pull @8:00 (7:25)
8x50's fast swim @:50
500 pull @8:00 (7:24)
6x50's fast swim @:50
500 pull @8:00 (7:18)
4x50's fast swim @:50
100 c/d
felt ok. tired at the end! 50s @:50 kill me!

Not too long after that swim I found myself back on my bike that was hooked up to a Computrainer again at HTC. I did an 80min session that included a 40minute main set of 10x3min "hills" (on 1 minute recoveries) at 3% grade pushing ~60rpm and shooting for ~95%FTP. It was hard but not impossible. My thought in doing that session was really to test it out and see if it was an appropriate one for my first group Computrainer session (which I was leading at 6:00PM tonight). I decided that it was indeed appropriate.

So... Bike session #2 today was a repeat of Bike session #1. In case you were wondering, it was 100x harder the second time around! My legs feel completely zapped at the moment. Good fun though with the group...

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