Monday, June 20, 2016


Swim this morning was simple, not easy. I swam alone and this is a good one to do when you're alone... 4x1k w/ 30" rest, descend 1-4. One of my favorites leading up to an Ironman... I managed to negative split each one as well which made me feel like I had a masters degree in swim pacing so that was kind of fun!

16:33 (8:18/8:15)
16:08 (8:05/8:03)
15:52 (7:58/7:54)
15:39 (7:52/7:47)

Afterward my plan was to ride 4 hours unstructured/aerobic. I have some key rides planned for the next few days so today I really just wanted to shut my brain off and ride as I felt, no data, no big efforts. My preference is to take my road bike for these types of rides. I got maybe 30 minutes into it today and I felt like my foot unclipped itself, except I couldn't clip back in! Gah! My shoe just ripped itself off the sole!
To be fair, those shoes were prob 20 years old. I only use(d) them when I ride my road bike b/c I have different pedals on my road bike vs my TT bike. A few years ago I noticed the heel was ripping itself off the carbon sole but I glued it back on and called it good. And it was! At least for a few years. :) Anyway, I wasn't sure what to do but turns out riding with that dysfunctional shoe wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. I got myself home, ate some food, swapped my pedals off my TT bike, then headed back out. Didn't have quite as much time as I wanted given that mechanical, but still got prob close to 3.5 hours of total riding in today and given everything else that was just the best I could do, so it's good enough!

Fun little story to end this post... After my ride I was doing my favorite set of 30" strides and I realized after the first one that I hadn't emptied out my pockets after my ride. I had a baggie with a couple of homemade oatmeal banana peanut butter bites (yum!) and they were bouncing around a bit. I didn't want to run with them, so at the end of that 30" I dropped the baggie in the grass in my neighbor's yard. I just run back and forth when I do these strides so 2min later I was back and a couple of birds had already found that baggie and were trying to peck it open. No birdies No! I shooed them away but then 2min later I was back again and they were still going after my baggie. I think it might be a federal crime, but I stored my oatmeal peanut butter banana bites in my neighbor's mailbox for safe keeping until I was done with my strides and I could eat them. File that under #triathleteproblems... In good news, the mailbox preserved my homemade bites and ate them as soon as I finished the strides, and they were DELICIOUS!

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