Friday, June 17, 2016

Swim + Double Ride

Big day today.

Swam 3k first thing. Didn't feel great to start but warmed up easy 1000 then did main set 2 rounds:

6x100 @1:50 as 25 fly/75 free straight into:
6x50's as odds FAST @:50; evens 25 fast/25 easy @1:00
100 easy then repeat

I liked that main set. Just made it up as I went, but it turned out to be a decent one. Mark and Nalani seemed to like it too. (Mark said he loves swimming when he feels like he can't breathe.)

It was pissing rain all over the island this morning and I was trying to figure out my best option to ride. I've become quite a priss about getting my bike super dirty riding on wet roads... I ended up in the Computrainer Studio at Hawaii Triathlon Center and did a main set there of 8x4min hard at 220-240w on 3min spin recoveries. All in all I rode ~1:45 and would say I felt pretty good. Air conditioning and 2x fans makes a huge difference in my sweat rate. I didn't even soak through a single towel! Brilliant!
The training day could have ended there and I'd have called it a good one, but I left my bike hooked up to the trainer there at HTC and returned ~6 hours later for another session. That evening session was really about introducing power to athletes who are new to it... Several local athletes who are all racing Vineman got together tonight to learn their FTP numbers. I know mine so I didn't feel the need to attempt a real test, but figured I'd give it what I had regardless. So another hour or so of riding including a 20min max effort (OMG) and while I left without knowing the exact avg I pushed for the 20min, the program calculated my FTP at 206 based on the 20min I did tonight, which I am happy enough with given my last 7 days of training! It's been a while since I'd done a double ride day but this day is similar to the double ride day I used to do almost every week in 2103 (hill reps in the morning then progression to TT effort in the afternoon).

I'd like to say I didn't like riding inside on the CT, but the fact is, I see the draw. Really good to be able to give super hard efforts like that on a machine the runs perfectly and is safer than the road. Of course I still totally believe in having really good skills on the road (and the only way you get those are from lots of time riding on the road!), but if skills on the road are in place, then ripping your legs off inside sometimes is a reasonable way to train.

Now if I can figure out how to go to sleep... Night time training is not the norm for me. Giving a max effort at 7PM poses a problem when you want to get to sleep at a reasonable hour! I'm still shaking.

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