Wednesday, June 15, 2016


It wasn't hard to go to the pool this morning and chat with my friends while sitting on the deck with my feet in the water. I did sort of dread getting in to swim though. I figured it would be ugly. I suggested a 1500M warm up, mostly so I could have the whole first 500 to use go really easy then start to build and see what was there. It wasn't as bad as I expected. 8:18, 7:57, 7:44.

Then we went 2 rounds:
200, 150, 100, 50 all off 1:40 base and done as first half of each swim fast. So really just like a 1000 fartlek with a few breaks built in. I didn't micromanage paces there just gave the appropriate effort each time and called it good.

Mark thought we were done after that, but we weren't. 3x500's with pads @8:00 descend 1-3. I managed the descend (7:38, 7:30, 7:24) but finished feeling empty. Spent the rest of the day wanting to curl up in a ball, but got some work done and felt relieved I had no more training on the plan for today!

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