Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Ride

My plan was to ride north today, but I headed out this morning and it looked wet that direction, so last minute call I went south. It's usually drier in that direction, though ~30min into my ride I could see I was heading straight into an ugly dark grey cloud... For whatever reason that really irritated me today... I was just frustrated like is it too much to ask to want to ride on a dry road with a nice paved shoulder and light traffic? That sounds like a dream to me. Can't find too many stretches of road that meet that criteria here on Oahu.

Anyway, I rode ~4 hours and finished feeling happier than I was that first hour (it dried up! and legs felt ok!). My bike was a complete mess though and as I was cleaning it I was thinking that the biggest reason I hate riding in the rain is that its so hard on my bike. But then I checked Facebook and saw that 2 of my local friends went down on the wet roads today (separately), one requiring stitches, and I changed my mind and decided that cleaning my bike wasn't the worst thing that could have happened today. At least I finished my ride without getting bloody! Hopefully I'll be able to say the same when I try it again tomorrow.

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