Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Swam this morning with Mark and Nalani. It was the kind of swim where I was swimming slower than I felt like I was swimming. 1000 w/u was 8:12/8:06 but really felt like it should have been a good bit faster than that based on effort. We did a pretty solid main set 2800M that was really like 4 rounds of 700's broken as follows:

600/100 fast
500/2x100's fast
400/3x100's fast
300/4x100's fast

We did the long swims off an interval that gave us ~20" rest and did the 100's off 1:30 so not much rest on those, but took an extra 30" or so between rounds so it was manageable. I pulled the whole main set and managed a slight descend on the long swims (starting at ~1:31 pace and down to 1:29 on the 300) and a slight ascend on the 100's (starting at 1:21 and slipping to 1:24s there toward the end). But to be fair, the pace you can hold for 1x100 fast is not going to be the same as the pace you can hold for 4x100's fast off a tight interval, so it was fine. 200 c/d gave us 4k and that was enough for today.

Led another group Computrainer session tonight. We did a main set of 2x16min that went:
4min @85%
4min @2% grade strong effort as you feel
4min @4% grade (the hill got steeper!)
4min at 85% again
4min recovery at 50% then repeat set.

Caption this? I have no idea what Ed and I were talking about.

We finished with 5x1min MAX EFFORT on 2min spin recoveries. On the road I used to be able to get those above 300w (repeatedly like for 10x!) but tonight inside I maxed out at 299 and just couldn't make that thing say 300. So I'm not sure if I'm weaker now or if I was just tired or if there's a legit difference between what you push outside vs inside? I'd have to give it a go outside again and see. I also feel like after all this focused riding inside I want to go test myself up Tantalus and see if I can get to the top faster than I was doing a few months ago? That would be a fun little experiment I think. Maybe I'll try it next week.

I saw Dr Zen today and he worked on my hip and straightened me all out. It feels much better so I'm hoping maybe to try running again tomorrow. I should know that when I'm seeing him regularly, I manage to stay injury free, but when I skip seeing him for 4-5 weeks something always tends to pop up and start hurting. It's just me being lazy about not wanting to drive all the way into town- that's the only reason I skip appointments with him. I need to stop being lazy about that and prioritize those appointments.

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