Sunday, June 19, 2016


Yesterday I got up early and was rolling by 6:20. That's the way to do it! It's cooler, less traffic, and I got completely done with my training before 10AM. On weekends this is good b/c I don't like being away from my family all day Sat/Sun.

I rode north along the coast on my TT bike for the first time in what felt like a while. Had a decent ride. Easy for ~10min then just settled into steady effort. No interruptions all the way out to Turtle Bay (~27 miles) avg 162w with no spikes and no soft pedaling. This is pretty much the only route on this island where I can ride so steady for such a long time. Coming back I did 2x 25min pieces at a 'sweet spot' power effort (180/184w) and that felt good. Strong but doable.

Melanie took this photo when she was out running yesterday, but this is part of the route I rode...

Total 57 miles which doesn't really count as a 'long' ride when you're training for Ironman, but stacked after the double ride day on Friday it was a decent amount of total riding and pretty high quality. I'm happy with it. Topped it off with 10x30" strides (bc I love those) and then spent the next hour being trapped under my dog. She misses me when I'm away training a lot.

Today was Father's Day so we spent most of the day as a family out at a beach I'd never been to. Was really nice and not crowded, which we loved.

I thought about taking the day completely off from training, but only because I didn't want to impose my training on my family on a day like today. But it worked out that Scott dropped me off ~10 miles from home and I ran the rest of the way (while they drove). That felt like a good way to get something in without being that selfish triathlete. I feel like I'm struggling with that more now than I have in years past... Just not wanting to inconvenience my family with my training. They're supportive, but I just don't like taking advantage of that because with me it's year after year after year... Anyway, as I was running I was thinking that since that's all I was doing today, and since the effort was low aerobic, it sort of felt like a rest day, which is funny. Since when did a 10 mile run day become a rest day in my head?? I guess that's a good (mental) place to be 6 weeks out from an Ironman.

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Damie said...

yup! I have really been struggling with the "inconveniencing" of my family the past 3 years. I was dropping workouts very quickly in order to not have to sit with the guilt I was feeling. I am trying to find new, creative ways to work through that feeling too, as I keep coming back to the thought that a sad mom who isn't able to express herself with sport is more of an inconvenience. Glad to hear someone else is having to think through this too. Good idea on the drop off.