Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ok, Don't Panic!

I think our swim session this morning was the shortest one I've done in, well, I can't remember how long? 2400m and boom. Done! I decided before I went that I was going to swim strong today. On my 1000 w/u this morning I would have actually lapped myself (long course pool) on the 1000 w/u I did last week Friday! Ha! Nice to know I have some gears when I opt to use them anyway. Neg split 15:25 as 7:46/7:39.

Then we did a short main set:
6x100's strong @1:40 (held 1:24-1:26)
100 easy
3x200's strong @3:15 (2:56, 2:55, 2:55)
100 easy

So that was the last quality swim I'll do before the race on Saturday. We'll swim Friday morning and do most (if not all) of the course (buoys are typically set up) but it'll be relaxed effort looking for fish and whatnot. I LOVE swimming at Hapuna Beach so I'll be in my happy place for sure this weekend.

Short ride today as well just 50min which included a short warm up then 4x1min heavy gear efforts on 1' spin recoveries... Those were just for further warm up, which I clearly needed b/c I felt like ass to start. That first 1' piece was like 203w and felt HARD and I was like, um, ok don't panic... It got better 214, 225, 243. Then again super short set just 3x3min at 220w. And boy I nailed 220 on the head each time as I'd given myself strict instructions prior to the ride NO HARDER than 220. We had some wind today and I found it fun to look back on my garmin at avg speed for those 3' pieces just to see how strong the wind was... on two of those I avg ~19mph. The other was 26.3! So I wasn't imagining the wind. Short cool down then off the bike 10x30" relaxed strides on 30" rest. Goal was to just float through those quick but not strained, form focus. I finished that little brick and felt invigorated, which was the goal.

We go to Kona tomorrow morning. My Training Peaks calendar for tomorrow says Day Off. No kidding! So I won't blog tomorrow because I'll have nothing to report about training. :)

Forecast for this weekend calls for light winds, muggy conditions. On the whole, I predict a fast swim/bike and lots of melting on the run...

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