Thursday, June 16, 2016

Progression By Heart Rate

I woke up feeling good enough to train today (what a difference a day makes!) so went forward with my plan to run twice today. Pretty standard double run day with hill reps in the morning and then progression run in the afternoon.

I didn't use my garmin on the morning run. I guess seeing HR on that run can be valuable but on a session like that just going by feel works as well. I've used my garmin on this exact run before so I know it comes out to be right about 6 miles when including the jog to/from the hill. And I worked hard enough that I felt a desire to sit down at the top of the last repeat (8x1min) before jogging home. And jogging home I felt tired enough that I decided that driving to a place where I could do a flat afternoon run would be preferable than running from my house and having to run that stupid hill again!

I don't have the option of waiting until the sun goes down to do my afternoon runs- I need to be done in time to pick up Moana from her summer fun camp thing, which means that run #2 was either going to be in 90 degrees or on a treadmill. I went with 90 degrees. I did drive to Kailua though where I could run flat, which I rarely get to do. I started off really easy, trying to keep my HR in the 130's, which is no easy feat for me when its warm and sunny. I managed to jog slow enough though to keep it <140 for the whole first mile. Next 2 miles I bumped it up only to 145, which put me trotting along at ~10min pace, which seems slow until I remember that last week HR145 had me at 10:30 pace, and that was early morning when it was cooler. So 10' pace was actually an improvement. :) Mile 4 I allowed myself 150, then kept increasing by 5 beats each mile until I was at 165 for mile 7. Seemed like my HR was as easily controlled as its ever been... Like when I was running at 160 if it hit 161, all I had to do was back off the gas a hair and I was back at 159. Good stuff.

My new hydration product must have worked pretty well! #SOSRehydrate

Sometimes I give a 'test' to athletes I work with where I ask them to do a progression similar to this. It starts really easy then each mile they bump up the effort by +10 beats and note pace for that mile... Keep going (continuously) until they don't think they can run another mile at +10 beats from what they just did. It tells me a lot about their current state of fitness... If they're capable of running with a very low HR, if there are any gaps along the way, how high they're comfortable running, etc. In a healthy/fit athlete I typically expect to see ~40"/mile difference for each +10 beats, though this can vary for a lot of reasons. But it's a decent benchmark. What was cool today was that each +5 beats today required me speeding up by ~20"/mile (I finished the run at 8:33 pace, HR 165) which given the heat I felt pretty good about. I kind of thought that maybe the heat would cause HR to go up faster than pace, but the ratio seemed about what I would have expected even had the conditions been cooler (though pace from the beginning likely would have been faster for HR had it been 60 degrees!!)

Anyway, 13 miles for the day and I feel pretty good tonight.

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