Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Something's Changed

Clearly, I have started experiencing some 'crazy mommy' behaviors.

Last night, after stressing all day about sideways baby, I did everything I could immmediately think of (or had heard of) to turn baby head down.

I laid on the couch with my hips up on the arm on top of 3 pillows for 15 minutes.

I spent time visualizing baby turning head down.

I crawled down the stairs.

I put a bag of frozen peas on the right side of my belly where baby's head was.

I pressed down on baby's head with the palm of my hand while telling baby to turn.

And then... I felt it... movement!

I know I didn't imagine the movement, and I definitely felt more down in my pelvic area. And now, on the right side of my belly where baby's head was, it feels like a much bigger hard body part (like the butt or its back?). Last night, I only woke up once to pee, which is like a major miracle. And this morning, I felt this massive amount of pressure in my pelvic area. Could it be? Did baby move into the right position that easily? I won't really know until I go in to see my doc again in 2 weeks... but something has changed down there in the uterus. Maybe I have a very compliant and easy baby? Let's keep wishing!!

And I haven't even tried burning mugwort near my toes... ;)


TrainingtoTri said...

Oooh a compliant and easy baby! One can wish. I was just telling my friend last night that it would be so fabulous if I end up with one of those babies who enjoys being in a stroller for HOURS.

rr said...

Hey - lots of time, he/she could still go head down if you didn't coerce him already. My mom was told one was breech at 36 weeks, had a panic attack and he turned while she was hyperventilating :) Hope you're feeling well!