Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baby's Pediatrician

On my To Do List lately has been to find a pediatrician that seems suitable for Baby Simmons once he/she arrives. Apparently it's the norm to go meet several doctors and pick one early because the hospital will ask you to designate your choice when you go to give birth.

So obviously I wanted to find someone good, located in Kailua, hopefully with similar values to my own... and guess who I found? I found a local competitive triathlete for a pediatrician for our little one! I was so psyched. I met her today and really liked her. She grew up here, her dad was a doctor (who knows Scott's dad, who was a practicing urologist for years on Oahu- small world) and her husband is a sports medicine MD on the island as well. She's done Tinman all 25 years of its existance (one of only 5 people who have done the local race every year)... she's only 43 so that would put her triathlon start at what, 18 years old? Her kids are all into it too.. apparently she and her husband do the local team swim/run biathlons and race against their teenage kids (who have started beat them). So cool. Anyway, clearly she and I are like-minded. :) She was really glad to hear that I'm still exercising everyday... assured me it would make labor and delivery easier, as well as getting fit again afterward... It feels good to find a doctor who you can really relate to, you know?

The funny thing was that after my appointment with her I went swimming in Kailua and then headed to the local health food store for grocery shopping and lunch... and guess who I ran into there? I bet I start seeing Dr all around town now that I know who she is. :) Heck, who knows... maybe we'll end up as training partners?


hatfields-in-hawaii said...

YA! Glad to hear you liked her!

TrainingtoTri said...

Oh how wonderful. It must be nice to meet a doc you actually really like. I am always so indifferent and have never had any sort of doctor (aside from my runner dentist) that I could give 2 cents about.