Friday, September 12, 2008

Family of Three

Just last week Scott and I were talking about how much we like being married. It's a change for sure... maybe we have a little less independence than we had as single people, but there's a lot more security. And confidence in each other. Overall the partnership just feels good.

As much as I love having Scott as my husband, when I think of the word 'family', I still think about my mom and dad and brother back in Ohio. That family. But all that is about to change...

Last night was a big 'ah-ha!' moment for both of us... we brought dinner over to our friends' house... friends who just had their first little baby (a girl!) 12 days ago.
This is Solbee. She's such a precious little magical thing. Super mellow baby which isn't a huge surprise because her mom and dad are totally mellow laid back people. Solbee has been to the beach already. :)
The ah-ha! for Scott and me was watching mom and dad and Solbee be a family. A family of three. Instant change.

As many of you who read this are experiencing (or have experienced), this whole pregnancy thing isn't really all that much fun. And its pretty abstract. Right now it's just about being uncomfortable and getting bigger all around and having all sorts of new and weird things happen to your body. More than once I've thought (with some amount of guilt) about how much I dislike being pregnant and can't wait for it all to be over.

But the good news is that when its over, you have this tiny magical thing that *instantly* transforms your marriage partnership into a real little family. A family of three. After watching the family interaction last night with our friends, I can see how it'll be easy to forget all the irritation I currently feel with being pregnant. Watching Scott be a dad is really going to be something else... something that makes all this worth it.


Clare said...

my friend just had a little girl thursday...we're going to see them saturday. i am excited because it will make it all seem so real...and so close! but yes, i'm ready to be un-pregnant too...even though i'm not uncomfortable yet, i kinds miss things like hipbones and belts.

N.D. said...

Awww. that's nice! I like it.
Very cute. So far I've only had one friend have a baby, and it has not been good. She is staying home and does everything and her husband hardly ever spends time with the baby. So it isn't a healthy example so far and I'm hell bent on working!
Thanks for your comment!

The Chapples said...

Sometimes I feel like the weirdo since I've really loved being pregnant! I wish that I could have run the whole time, but beyond that I wouldn't have changed a thing. That's not to say that I am not ready to meet my little guy and get back to "myself" again, but I think the experience has been phenominal.

BreeWee said...

I LOVE that baby! How cute they are when they sleep! Seems like they can destroy the house and cry for hours to drive you nuts, then they fall asleep and you forget ever getting frustrated! I can hardly wait to read about your labor and bringing baby home! This is better than the baby channel!

Alicia Parr said...

Wait until you look into the little one's eyes and see a human being with a whole life ahead of him/her that you and your husband brought into being. It's intense and magical.

I liked being pregnant, though, because it was a new experience and temporary. Being a Mom is better, but both are part of the package.