Friday, September 26, 2008

Green Light

Another week, another appointment with my doctor.

The good news is that baby is growing right on schedule and now weighs just over 5 lbs. Dr asked about my contractions and I described them as frequent but not regular in timing. Which is an indication that I'm fine.

She believes that my risk of pre-term labor is slim to none at this point and told me that I could start exercising again if I felt like it... and then added with a smile, "If you haven't already done so." I smiled right back and told her that she knows me well... that although I did take some time away from any exercise last week, that I was going crazy on that lazy schedule so I had started back with some light swimming. She said no problem. Green light to go back to doing whatever I feel up to. Yea! That's good news because who knows, it could still be 6 more weeks til this baby decides to come out. At least I don't have to sit around and drive myself (and my husband) nuts in the meantime.
Next appointment is Oct 8, at which point we will schedule the External Version with the perinatologist at Kapiolani if baby is stil breech. I don't think Dr has much hope that its going to dive down on its own at this point (she seems to think s/he is stubborn and has found a comfortable spot up on the right side of my uterus under my rib). We'll see.


Clare said...

glad your instincts were right! and i hope baby turns...that external turning thing seems really weird to me...and painful i've heard.

Frayed Laces said...

That's great that your doc says you can do some light training! Congrats on the bun (or has it graduated to a loaf now?)

Wil said...

S/he'll turn, don't worry. And awesome on the light training! The more you get out there moving the more it'll help as well, that's what they told me anyway, and it worked!

Babies like to keep you guessing, and it's funny because they don't stop once they're out :) In a nutshell, you're rockin the pregnancy race sister, keep up the good mojo :) I'm so excited for you!

N.D. said...

Hmm, interesting. How do they see the position -through ultrasound?

Don't scare me about the pictures. I can't imagine being huge. I'm so scared!

Glad you are able to workout again - I think I will go nuts without having it.

Anonymous said...

It is fun to see your blog. It make me feel like I am getting aquainted with you. Grandma Nancy told be about your blog; I have really enjoyed reading it. Thanks so much for sharing.
Aunt Carol Jean, sister to Grandma Nancy