Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Living the Dream

I had another weird pregnancy dream last night... I was curled up in the fetal position floating around in a very small aqaurium. It was nice and warm and comfortable and I felt very at ease.

Gee. What do you think that means? ;)

Apparently I've got my psychic conection already with my little baby and he/she is very happy in there. Hopefully not too happy because we do want him/her to come out at some point.

I went swimming this morning with a friend of mine and afterward floated down to the deep end to try reliving my dream. After curling myself up as small as I could I let myself sink to the bottom and relax. Problem was, I'm pretty bouyant these days so I didn't sink too far. And then there was the issue with the breathing. I just couldn't duplicate the comfort that I was feeling in my dream... Oh well. At least one of us is living the dream.


Ellen said...

you are in the home stretch now michelle!

Meredith said...

Hey hey...thanks for the comment! Awesome, your first baby?!??!? That is so cool...yes, I have instincts that I am most likely fertile growing land, so I must be careful...but I dont (unfortunately!!!!) have to worry about getting preggers now! damn! best of luck,i'll pop by your blog more often now! :)