Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Running Tantalus & Non-Stop Girl Talk

Today I ran Maia in the morning. Our routine, if I am not swimming, is that we walk Moana down to the bus stop then when the bus comes we go for our jog. I think she is figuring out pacing on our runs b/c she pulls less now in the beginning and finishes stronger than she used to. She's a smart dog.

Then I drove into town and met Stacy Sims for a run up/around Tantalus. It's a decent sized mountain, about 5 miles up then 5 miles down, about 1500 ft elevation at the top I think. Lots of switchbacks. Gorgeous scenery. Very lush/green.
I'd never met Stacy in person before but we've exchanged lots of Facebook messages and she has helped me (and my team!) out tremendously, educating us about hydration and fueling for exercise performance and recovery (read, she created Osmo and it has changed my life). I've been such a fan of hers for such a long time… listening on on every podcast she does and trying to learn as much as I can. So naturally I was super excited to have the opportunity to run/chat with her today! We did not stop talking from the second we met it was non-stop chitter-chatter all the way up/down. It was so refreshing to have an intelligent conversation with someone who truly understands physiology and a woman's hormonal cycle. I think in the past a lot of people have thought that I was a head case about how my performance would tank right before my period starts- like I've been imaging it or something? I've been tracking it for ~4 years now though and have figured some stuff out about how my body functions at different times of the month and explaining it all to Stacy was quite validating b/c she was like yep yep yep and she explained the physiology right back to me. 

There was so much good energy in that run I hardly even noticed how much my legs hurt. They hurt now. All over. I think the 100x kettle bell swings yesterday combined with all the running I have done recently is finally taking its toll. It's a good kind of fatigue though and I like it!
Half way up the mountain we were running and some guy drove up to us with his window down and was like "Hey do you ladies lift weights?" Ha! Um, yes. "Has anyone told you that you're beautiful?" Not today, buddy! Thanks for the compliment now scurry along we have a lot of talking to do...

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