Sunday, December 27, 2015

It's All Relative

Just a short run today (~5 miles), but did a little something different with some short intervals. No Garmin, but used a stopwatch to time 30-45-60" intervals and I did those until I felt like I'd done some work.  Felt good to stimulate a different energy system for a change. I don't know how fast I was running but I don't think it matters. It was hard enough to feel like a stimulus but not so hard that I hurt myself or had to hobble home. Thumbs up!

Ended up with 52 miles this week and it's shocking to me how that didn't feel like a big week at all. It was not that long ago that a 50 mile week was huge to me. Now it feels like no issue! Granted I have not ridden my bike in months so I cannot compare to triathlon training here, but for sure I have never done run training like this. It feels good and is quite manageable. Anyway, I know that to real runners, the volume I am running right now is nothing, but it's all relative, and the fact that it feels standard/normal to me now is super cool. It's similar to the mental place I try to get a lot of the athletes I coach to be in with swimming... It's common for new-to-me athletes to whine a bit about "long" swim workouts... at first those are 3000 then 3500... Why so long?? But eventually 3-3.5K becomes completely standard and nobody blinks an eye. It's good for me to get a bit of a taste of my own medicine. :)

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Steve said...

I think the 50-55 mile week is about the best I could ever do without being injured. The people who run 100 mile weeks probably run a lot faster than me, so roughly the same time running maybe.

Of course I know a guy who runs 100 mile weeks sometimes with long runs crazy slow. Like 11-12:00 miles. Talk about boring.