Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Swim

Jogged down to the pool this morning sort of hoping maybe Mark wouldn't show up so I could just swim easy. No such luck- he was there.

1000w/u easy. During warm up is when I tend to decide what the main set of the day will be. Often I have an idea, but if I feel like shit (or feel better than expected) I reserve the right to alter it.

5x100's @1:45 w/u set as 25 fast/50easy/25 fast. Going fast felt way better than I expected it to, so I decided main set could be a decent one.

Main set 1500M. I opted to pull the whole thing so we could do them off decent intervals where Mark wouldn't have to wait forever. (He is faster than me).
200 fast @3:00
300 cruise @5:00
500 fast @7:30
300 cruise @5:00
200 fast @3:00

I was happy enough with how I was swimming the 200/500 (2:50/7:16). On the last 200, Mark, who prefers to RACE every swim of every set, was clearly bored so he opted to tie his feet together and give me 5" head start. So picture the scene- I'm using paddles, he's got his feet tied together with bands. I got a 5" head start. I went 2:49(lcm). He beat me to the wall (barely, but legit). Sometimes I think I don't want to swim with Mark anymore. But of course the truth is, I totally need him as a training partner.

I jogged home about as slow as could technically be classified as jogging.  That set completely kicked my ass. I was thinking as I was jogging home that my paces today weren't really all that much slower than I would swim if I was swimming twice as much volume... Some triathletes like to use this argument as reasons to swim less. BUT if I was swimming twice as much volume, (i.e. what I would consider normal in season swim volume 12-15K) that set wouldn't have hurt me at all. Therein lies the difference between swimming the minimum and swimming appropriately.

Maia didn't get to run today but we did go on 2x walks. Bonus! She got styled out in a special new outfit for Christmas!

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