Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day

I don't even really know what Boxing Day is, but we celebrated it with a group run this morning... It's become an annual tradition... A holiday group run up/down Tantalus. This was the 3rd year they did it (my 2nd) and it's super fun! Last year I was surprised when they offered mimosas at the top. This year it's why I got out of bed to run in the dark rain. :)

In good news, the run up felt a good bit easier than last time I did it 5-6 weeks ago. I figured it would also be slower (it felt slower!), but it was not, which was a pleasant surprise.

Another pleasant surprise was that my knee held up. I've been managing my knee pain for probably 4-5 weeks now. For the most part (I think) it's just a pissed off patella tendon. It's been hurting off/on but after ~9 miles yesterday it hurt worse than it's hurt in a long time so I was a bit worried about running 5 miles straight downhill today. I was pretty convinced though that the root of the problem was likely a tight spot somewhere in my adductor or quad, so I worked it hard on the Trigger Point roller last night. I'm typically quite good about rolling my calves and my glutes using the Supernova ball, but it hurts so much to roll my quads that I tend to skip that part. I tried a few weeks ago but decided that my knee pain wasn't as bad as the pain I felt while rolling my quads...  After yesterday though the knee pain was legit enough to make me grit my teeth and do the rolling. Anyway, I could tell when I woke up this morning that my knee was good and sure enough it held up through 5 miles straight down so I feel confident that I've got the situation under control.

I celebrated with another mimosa at the bottom! :)

Cheers! Hope everyone had a nice holiday!

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Steve said...

I have no idea what boxing day is either, but it seems like a day for people in the UK to get drunk. At least as far as I can tell. :)

Didn't know you were battling a bum knee. Pesky little things.