Sunday, December 13, 2015

End of the Volume Block

Ran another 60+ mile week. That makes 4 in a row. I finished my run tonight and as I walked in my house I was thinking this upcoming week should be a rest week.  That was enough volume for me for right now. Prior to this last month I don't think I'd ever run 60 miles in a week? Not Monday to Sunday anyway... So putting together 4 weeks in a row at that volume for me is HUGE, even if the vast majority of it was quite easy/relaxed. The 2 weeks before that I ran 50+ so really it was a solid 6 week volume block where I avg 58miles/week.

I think making myself rest/recover will be the hardest part about coaching myself. I don't (usually) have much issue getting myself out the door to train. And its funny- recently I've been motivated by adding up numbers and going for volume totals and I think when one gets in that mindset, taking easy/light days is WAY harder than when you're thinking in terms of big picture performance. I've already started negotiating with myself with thoughts like well, I don't really need a whole easy WEEK... I bet 5 days will be enough then I can get back to it by the weekend... Fwiw, I genuinely think that's true.

Anyway, I envision that in the upcoming 5 days I'll swim and jog with the dog and probably lift some weights, but no real run training. Ok maybe I'll do a real run on Thursday morning... See how my brain works?!? I have to take Maia out every day though. This is how she responded today when I went running without her.

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