Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Ran the Gardens again today. Before I headed out my plan was to make it a goal to have a solid negative split. I managed to do that and neg split by ~3 minutes but I think my effort on the way home was likely too hard. The hill(s) in the last mile up to my house are legit and after 35' already of solid effort, I completely blew up trying to get up those. I stopped a few times just to let my HR come down. I wasn't wearing my HR monitor by but the nausea I was feeling, I'd guess I was easily 175+. I could feel down about that but the fact is that every segment of the run was faster than it was 2 weeks ago (and felt stronger today). So I blew up... ok... Fitness still isn't where I want it to be! Carry on.

I took Maia out for a jog later this afternoon and it was terrible. Legs felt like pounded lead. I was happy to let Maia stop and smell every feral cat along the way.

Moana has been sick (lethargic/coughing) for the last 5 days. I finally took her to the doctor today where she was diagnosed with bronchitis and given some meds. Not really the most fun way for her to spend her Christmas break away from school. :( I've never earned any awards for being empathetic to sick people and unfortunately I wouldn't win one for how I've been with Moana. It's a good thing I never pursued being a nurse. I would never cut it as a nurse. I hope Moana gets better soon b/c I feel like I'm done with trying to convince her to eat, drink, etc (she has eaten next to nothing for 5 days now and won't eat anything other than tiny nibbles here and there and that drives me NUTS). It's good for her that Scott has a lot more empathy than I do. I think generally I'm a good mom but I totally fail when it comes to nursing sick people back to health. :(


Steve said...

I think with kids it is hard too, cuz they are not grown up, so you probably don't trust their motives all the time.

Lectie Altman said...

I beg to differ!